JCDA’s expansion seeks to engage visitors directly with the variable phenomena of Bornholm’s light and heighten their awareness of the unique qualities of the site.





The extraordinary relationship of the land, sea and sky and the horizon where they meet is emphasized by the long views through, and framed by, the building massing which steps down the hill towards the ocean, rotating to engage the visitor with different experiences of the landscape. On a unique site in Denmark near the Baltic Sea, working with Architecture Operations D.P.C., JCDA is envisioning the expansion of the Bornholm Kunstmuseum and the creation of a new building for its merge with the Bornholm Museum, which houses local historical and archaeological collections.

In addition to a shared entry and public space for both museums with auditorium seating, a gift shop, and restaurant, the new building will incorporate outdoor exhibition spaces and two floors of gallery spaces, including the new Light Museum, a gallery for site-specific works by artists whose practice incorporates natural light. Guided by the site’s topography and unique lighting conditions, JCDA developed a tiered, three-level design that emphasizes long views of the landscape, underscoring the relationship of the sky, ground, and sea.

Client: Bornholms Kunstmuseum / Bornholms Museum
Architect: Architecture Operations D.P.C.