Opening September 27, the 70-acre Scissortail Park is Oklahoma City’s latest and most transformative addition to the 20-year revitalization of its urban core. James Carpenter Design Associates choreographed a curving line of 29 luminous folded Sky Pillars. Each pillar is a 22’ high, folded and perforated stainless steel prism with internal lighting that, as you move around it, presents distinctly different reflections. Arranged along the pedestrian circulation axis through the park, the sky pillars function as a singular choreographed light event. The park, designed by Hargreaves Associates, will extend toward the river in the final phase of the project. When completed, JCDA’s 67 light masts will be a key wayfinding element that articulates the park’s “core to the shore” concept, connecting downtown Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma River with a ribbon of light.

Image courtesy of Artform