In this class, students will further their understanding the potential of glass, light, and design. James Carpenter has worked at the intersection of architecture, fine art, and engineering, and his distinctive vision is based on the use of natural light as the foundational element of the built environment. LIGHT and GLASS will be explored as a means of manifesting experiential qualities of nature.

Geared to designers with an interest in light who want to learn more about GLASS and glass artists who want to learn more about designing with LIGHT, students will develop a unified conceptual design foundation upon which to develop their interests.

Students will seek light phenomena within their environs and, using 2D and 3D means of representation, will develop and demonstrate a concept that distills these phenomena. Lectures about optics, perception, and light will be interwoven with demonstrations of a range of glassmaking techniques.

Students will progress through a three-phase design process organized around observation, synthesis, and manifestation. Students will work individually but are encouraged to share skills, ideas, and constructive feedback at all times.

The class will include presentations, discussions, and demonstrations on glassmaking processes and the potential of the material. This is not a typical technique-driven Studio glassmaking class, although students will create glass-based designs and models that manifest their observations of light. No glassmaking experience is required, an interest in architecture and design is encouraged.

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